About us



The FIT Mission Statement:

To nourish a diverse clientele with the perfect “FIT” in quality products and customer services, and encourage a life full of health, strength, and bliss. We advocate operating our business with integrity, and offering positive knowledgeable assistance, and self-responsibility to all who experience The FIT.

The Vision:

To provide dancewear and activewear that “FITS”, for those looking to get “FIT” or stay “FIT”. Whether your passion is dance, yoga, pilates, or any physical activity with specific needs and comfort in mind, The FIT is here to fulfill your quest for activewear that “FITS” for you. We are dedicated to stay true to our core values and create a company that employees and clients are proud to associate with and strive to always maintain an exemplary positive reputation and success, so we may give back to the community. 


Our Vision is to build and maintain the best products, cause no harm, use our business to build trust in the Irvine community, Southern California, the United States, and create a positive effect throughout the world, as a result of the company's services and products.